It Seems We have a Problem

Pride, arrogance, selfishness and self-centeredness sometimes work in this world, but not for long and never for good. Not under God’s Governance. Most of our civilization has been built on some variety of, “And God said. . .” and then it goes on to say what God never said.

God’s Governance simply does not stand for it. God made this world to work a certain way, and no other. There is no “Jewish way,” or “Islamic way” that works. Although I am a Christian, there is no “Christian way” that works. No formula, style, type, or outlook works apart from God’s Way.

Unfortunately for all of us, it seems we have a problem.

Addressing the Problem

The problem is entirely human. The problem starts with human will overpowering reason and wisdom. Attempts to fix one element of society always interfere with other elements, so we keep adding more government to fix the problems caused by the corrections.

The goals of include the Big Idea. The Big Idea, of course, is reasonable government controlled and administered with God’s wisdom and teaching clearly in mind. We need to allow success and failure, because we will all succeed and fail. It remains critical to support the strong and the weak together, without crippling the strong and the weak together.

If we can get there without destroying society, that’s God stuff!