Mission and Purpose

To be utterly clear and absolutely honest, we have both a mission and a purpose. There is no secret society, hidden agenda, or ambition to change your mind about anything except those specific items listed below.

Godsgov.space has a specific Mission: to help you understand God’s government, and to help you recognize and pursue your own Mission and Purpose, free from immoral, irrational, or unnecessary restraints or compulsion.

Godsgov.space has a specific Purpose: to help you understand the immoral, irrational, and unnecessary restraints and compulsions that impede or prevent your personal mission and keep you from pursuing it .

I am a Christian, born again into the New Life of God’s eternal family through His son, Jesus, directed by the Holy Spirit and God’s Scripture. My lifestyle, ambitions, goals, and perspectives may, or even certainly will, differ from your own, but that is precisely why this Mission and Purpose exist.

I have knowledge of the ways of the world. I was not Christian for half of my life. My experiences as a type I diabetic, alcoholic and drug abuser, city and country dweller, victim and perpetrator of violence, rebel, drifter, and fool add to my credentials.

We do not “all worship the same God.” As nations and people of world, we are ruled by manifestations of many gods, from money, wealth, and power to hunger, inefficiency, and disability. Some worship ideas, some worship emotion, and others worship themselves or the voices in their heads. We are not close to agreement, but we are close to each other’s back fence and street.

Godsgove.space is the work of Dave Delany, supported by friends and followers. True friends. No money changes hands between us, but great ideas and ideals flow among us daily.

It only takes a moment to kill a man or let him die, but it takes generations to crush ideas and ideals. I consider it important to plant those seeds whenever possible, since I have no idea how long I will live.